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Improving Public Policies

in a Digital World

05/06 DEC. 2016

Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne


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On December 5-6, 2016, the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and IMODEV will host a 2-day international conference entitled “Academic Days on Open Government Issues”. This international event, under the direction of Irene Bouhadana and William Gilles, will be the 17th of a series of IMODEV international conferences on the Law and Governance of the Information Society.
The Academic Days will occur during the week that France will host the Open Government Global Summit in 2016. This event aims at bringing together the academic world interested in Open Government issues in all its aspects and through a multidisciplinary approach.

10 principes pour un Gouvernement Ouvert Effectif / 10 Principles for an Effective Open Government - I. Bouhadana & W. Gilles - Paris, 5 dec. 2016.

 Access to videos - Accès aux vidéos 



One of the objectives of the open government movement is to support greater transparency, encourage citizen participation and collaboration in governmental decision-making, but also to promote government accountability. In this regard, it is important to emphasize the role of citizens, civil society and stakeholders in the decision-making process in order to improve governmental policies.



In order to confirm each topic, whether you can register to an existing topic mentioned in the list provided, or you can propose a new topic that requires a minimum of 10 participants (in this case, please specify the title of the topic, the working language for the group and name and position of the speakers).

Cérémonie d'ouverture / Opening CeremonyPost-conflict & Open Gov.
Open Justice 1/2  Open data, Open Gov. & Santé
Droit au respect de la vie privéeFracture numérique, Participation citoyenne & Gouv. ouverts
Citizen Participation & Collaboration in EuropeRight to Information & Open Gov.
Freedom of speechCorruption & Open Gov. 1/2
Freedom of speechTransparence Gouvernementale, Droit d'accès à l'information & Gouv. ouverts
Brexit & Open Gov.Corruption & Open Gov. 2/2
O Governo Aberto no BrasilOpen Justice 2/2
Tax Law & Open Gov.Accountability, Public Management & Open Gov.
Systèmes économiques & Gouv. ouvertsWhere to next ? OGP at 5 years
Smart Cities & Open Gov.Lessons and Reflections from the OGP Experience of Five Countries
Open Contract [EN]Privacy & Open Gov.
Gender and Women & Open Gov.Cybersurveillance, security & Open Gov.
International Institutions & Open Gov.Villes intelligentes & Gouv. ouverts
International Institutions & Open Gov.Open Access & Open Research
Open Contact [FR]Net Neutrality & Open Gov.
Citizen Participation and Collaboration in Latin AmericaEuropean Union & Open Gov.
Cybercriminalité & Gouv. ouvertsBig data & Gouv. ouverts
Gouvernance de l'Internet & Gouv. ouvertsNouveaux médias et participation citoyenne
Algorithmes, Mathématiques & Gouv. ouvertsCommuns & Gouv. ouverts
Open data & réutilisation de l'information publiqueOpen Parliament & Open Gov.
Souveraineté & Gouv. ouvertsLocal Government & Open Gov.
Open Source & Open Gov.Climate, Environment & Open Gov.
Closing ceremony / Cérémonie de cloture


 You can follow creation of the round tables here.