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Improving Public Policies

in a Digital World

05/06 DEC. 2016

Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne


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Where to next ? OGP at 5 years

Salle / Hall : Bibliothèque Sainte-Barbe - Amphithéâtre
Horaire / Schedule : 10h55 - 12h15

Président de séance : Joseph Foti (Program Director, Independent Reporting Mechanism, Open Government Partnership)

Langue / Language : English

Panel 1 - Presentation: General Framework

Joel Salas Suarez - Commissioner at INAI (Mexico)

First I'll review the history of the demands for transparency , accountability and citizen participation raised by civil society and think tanks that later gather together in the core of civil society in the framework of the Tripartite Technical Secretariat of Open Government Partnership in Mexico . Then I´ll take up the sociological theories of frameworks to propose and argue that the notion of open government has worked precisely as a framework that brings together simultaneously demands for transparency , accountability and citizen participation, and it's starting to articulate a scoial movement. If open goverment is strarting to be a social movemente, it will face new challenges, in particular that open government is only a mean , not an end, as many proposed. So we now face the question: a mean for what?

Panel 2 - OGP Review

Joseph Foti - Program Director, Independent Reporting Mechanism, Open Government Partnership

We will discuss progress in open government over its five years, using data from over a hundred IRM reports. Topics discussed will include outcomes of action plans, how to raise ambition, and how to increase government and civil society participation in OGP processes.