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Conférence SEALS 2016 "Government in a Digital Era: Openness, Transparency, and Citizen Participation"

Thursday, August 3rd - 9, 2016 - Amelia Island, FL, USA


On Thursday, August 3rd 2016, the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) and the Institut du Monde et du Développement pour la Bonne Gouvernance Publique (IMODEV) will organize a panel at the SEALS Annual meeting which will be held at Amelia Island, FL, USA.

Advances in information and communications technologies (ICT), in particular the Internet, have reshaped communication and society, enabling ordinary individuals to communicate freely and easily with each other. These advances have also led to a new era in interactions between the citizenry and government. Governmental information can now be published online, making formerly protected information more open and transparent and enabling
the citizenry to more easily observe and oversee governmental actions. In addition, these advances have also enabled the citizenry to communicate more effectively with the government and to organize and communicate with each other in an effort to affect governmental decisionmaking. Thus, the goals of this discussion group are to explore whether there should be a new generation of rights in the digital era and to think about how to define those rights.