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Improving Public Policies

in a Digital World

05/06 DEC. 2016

Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne


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Open Contract [EN]

Salle / Hall : IRJS - Salle des Séminaires
Horaire / Schedule : 13h20 - 14h50

Président de séance : Pierre Bourdon

Langue / Language : English

Speech 1. From disclosure to use to impact: How open contracting makes procurement data actionable

Georg Neumann - Senior Communications Manager, Open Contracting Partnership (United States)

Vast amounts of money – about a third of government spending, is done through public contracting and it is governments’ number one corruption risk. Open contracting transform public contracting by making documents and data throughout the contracting cycle ‘open by default’ based on a global best practice schema, the Open Contracting Data Standard. This makes contracting information accessible and actionable to help business, citizens and journalists analyse, monitor and scrutinize the process to shape better outcomes. This actionable open data provides the basic building blocks for wider public benefit. Open contracting delivers better deals for governments, a level playing field for business, less fraud and corruption, and quality goods and services for citizens. The intervention will discuss the open contracting concept, best practices from around the world and early evidence of success and impact.