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581. open_government_paper.docx  
The Criminal Jury, Nullification, and Open Governance Jenny E. Carroll* Abstract In any government there are different corridors of power. Some are occupied by formal decision makers – elected or  
582. Jacobs_-_Paper_-_Role_of_Law_-_CBNRM_for_CP_in_Env._Decision-making_-_SB_Version.docx  
Becky L. Jacobs Introduction Environmental protection and natural resource management are highly complicated, dynamic processes intersecting natural and social systems. Policies related to these iss  
583. Paris_Attila_Peterfalvi.docx  
XIVth INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE LAW AND GOVERNANCE OF THE INFORMATION SOCIETY «Citizen Participation and Collaboration in Promoting Open Government» 4TH SESSION (15H15-16H30) IV/ CITIZEN PART  
584. SorbonneKrunkeDalsgaard310216.docx  
Towards Increased Citizen Participation in Europe: Impact of Current Developments on Political Decision Making and Democracy Helle KRUNKE, Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Centre for Compa  
585. Masser_Mory_Research_Paper_Citizens_Participation_and_Gamification_Paris_March_2016.docx  
RESEARCH PAPER Citizens’ Participation and Gamification – Lessons Learnt from Previous and Recent Participation Boosts in Germany 2016 INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM “Citizen Participation and Collaboratio  
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The Missing Link in Citizen Participation in U.S. Administrative Process Wendy E. Wagner* Working draft Feb. 2, 2016 The participatory process that lies at the heart of U.S. administrative law is h  
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